Mouthguards Com Mutation
Performance with objects and sound

Part of Please Stand By curated by Alex Alonso Diaz
Performed by Michiel Huijben and Diana Duta

Under a pink gelled light, two people sit at a desk shaped in imitation of the remaining parts of the computers destroyed at the behest of the UK government. They pass a set of objects to each other, each in different fragments of the curved U shape of a sports mouth guard. The first person picks up the objects and gesticulates with them, and a voice starts playing back. When the voice stops, the object is handed to the second person who arranges them on the surface of the table. The voice recounts detailed and concrete observations about the experience of commuting to work on a train. As the piece progresses the pair move through the objects and create a pattern on the desk, the voice wanders onto wider speculations on communication, etymology and psychology.